Johor Bahru Attractions: Adventure Meets Nature

Why is Johor Bahru (or JB) a popular place in Malaysia?

It sits across the causeway from Singapore, making it the first destination on your Malaysian holiday. As a major city, it is easily accessible via flights, buses, trains, or anywhere in Malaysia.

There are many places to go to in Johor Bahru and indulge in fun activities in JB. 

What if we told you that planning a holiday across 373.18 km², finding interesting places in JB, staying at a quaint Pontian resort, and enjoying a fine Johor staycation does not have to be a huge task.

Some places to visit and things to do in Johor Bahru:

The Johor Zoo

The Johor Zoo dates back to 1928. First of many zoos built in Southeast Asia. One of the most interesting places in Johor Bahru, it houses over a hundred diverse animal species. The zoo also has a large lake where you can pedal boats, relax at scenic picnic spots, and let your children enjoy the playgrounds.

To reach the Johor Zoo from Singapore, take bus No. 170. The bus will take you to the Larkin Bus Terminal. From there, you will need to pass through Johor Bahru Immigration. Then, you can take a taxi or rent a car to reach the zoo.

The Danga Bay

An interesting visit to Johor is Danga Bay. It stretches along 25km of scenic waterfront facing the Straits of Johor. A large recreational park, a range of attractions, shopping malls and fine-dining restaurants with stunning views make it worth your time. 

Little Paris

Hold your heart—a hidden gem in Johor attractions is Little Paris. A street lined with stunning shophouses, laced with captivating facades that transport you to Paris. Stroll and enjoy shopping at high-end fashion shops, charming boutiques, coffee houses, and bakeries.

The nights glow, pretty lights illuminate the streets, and you can enjoy a walk in Paris while in Malaysia.

If you are still in the Google search bar, typing:

The top 10 places to visit in Johor Bahru or JB.
Where to go in Johor?
What to do in Johor Bahru?

And have yet to find a place to visit in JB that suits all your family activities?

Welcome to the best place in Johor, where the adventure begins – Sinar Eco Resort.

5 Things to do at the Eco Sinar Johor Bahru resort: 

We offer you a great escape from the stress of the city with nature and adventure in one package — for you, your family, your friends, and your whole company! We pride ourselves on being the best place to visit in Johor Bahru

Horse Riding

An unforgettable equestrian adventure awaits, led by our professional certified equestrian coaches. Enjoy relaxing rides on scenic trails and bond with your gentle and majestic companion. Join us for an experience and witness the freedom and bliss of horseback riding at our resort. (Book with us link)

Our Little Farm

Get up close and personal with our friendly farm inhabitants. Surround yourself with cuddly rabbits to gentle goats. Create a bond and memories for a lifetime with these adorable creatures. (Book with us link)

ATV Adventure

Adventure! Adrenaline-pumping adventure with our ATV experiences. Thrilling internal tracks and scenic outdoor trail options. Challenge your skills with exhilarating rides alone, or make it an exciting family activity.

Eco Rafting

An eco-friendly rafting experience for nature lovers. Yes, an activity that combines adventure with environmental consciousness. Whether you want to relax or get your heart pumping, try this eco-friendly way to enjoy nature’s beauty.

Culinary Options Unlimited

Good food. The sound and the aroma strike the senses. An integral part of a perfect holiday is irresistible meals. Our proficient team of chefs prepare authentic meals with traditional Malaysian recipes using fresh and seasonal ingredients from local producers to serve you the best at all times.

See you soon!

Whether you plan to travel from Singapore for a day or more to Johor Bahru, we promise there is plenty more to do at our resort, and you will enjoy the best staycation in Johor Bahru.

Family-friendly fun, something for everyone. Book your JB holiday today.

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How Sinar Eco Resort Came To Be


A small plot of land was acquired by our family in the remote jungles off the JB-Pontian road. Apart from a couple of tall bird houses that stood out, the land was filled with shrubs and weed.
For many years, that was all it was. A quiet space surrounded by the lush greenery of nature. A slow river rising and falling with the tide at the back fields with the thick foliage of mangrove trees waving across the river bank. It was a little slice of serenity and escape that our family enjoyed on the weekends.


2013 – 2015



The Future

“We look forward to the changes that will continue to shape Sinar Eco Resort in the next 10 years but more importantly, the smiles from happy and satisfied guests that we get to share our joys and passion with!”

– Sinar Eco Resort Founders –

Fantastic Beasts And Where To Play With Them

The city, home to many of us unfortunately, doesn’t provide much greenery or opportunity to interact with too many animals. Even though zoos exists, the animals there are always behind cages and glasses, making it almost no different from seeing animals from behind a screen.

Here at Sinar Eco Resort, we find that one of the best ways to learn about nature and animals is through interacting with the animals directly. Guests are encouraged to play and feed our animals and as a result of this, our animals are more acclimated to meeting new people and friendly.

Sinar Eco Resort has slowly but surely increased the amount and types of animals at our resort. As of now, we are proud to announce that over a 100 animals call our place home.

“Animals are such agreeable friends; they ask no questions, pass no criticism” – George Elliot

At Sinar Eco Resort, we believe animals help to provide comfort to our guest and are delighted when they become friends!

Come down to Sinar Eco Resort to make new friends today!

Horse Riding

Fun Fact: Did you know, most horses can gallop at 40 – 48km/h, with the fastest racehorse able to reach up to 70km/h!

While our horse riding activity typically involves a leisurely ride around the pens, they are indeed capable of galloping a lot faster in the hands of a skilled rider.

Bringing your horse into a canter and subsequently a gallop requires a lot more training than movies and films let on. One wrong move or losing your balance could end in injury.

We do offer horse riding classes for those more interested in thrills rather than chills for horse riding. Our basic classes are scheduled as six 45 minute sessions and can be attendees can sign up as single or up to groups of three pax. The lessons are lead by our instructor with more than 14 years of international riding style experience and covers everything from horse riding to taking care of a horse.

Don’t have anything planned during the school holidays? With a minimum age of 5 years old, our horse riding class promises be far more interesting and interactive than any class you’ve had before!

Got any questions? Contact us here to find out more!

SER Spotlight – Cafeteria

Upgrades to our new cafeteria have finally been completed! Boasting lots of seating room and lots of natural light (at least during the day).
However, there is plenty of light during the night too!
Located opposite the road from our karaoke and pool table rooms, it is just a short walk from most of our activities! Fully air-conditioned, it will serve as an oasis where you can take a break from the heat and refill on food and snacks before continuing your adventures!