Johor Bahru Attractions: Adventure Meets Nature

by Sinar Eco Resort

Jun 3, 2024

Why is Johor Bahru (or JB) a popular place in Malaysia?

It sits across the causeway from Singapore, making it the first destination on your Malaysian holiday. As a major city, it is easily accessible via flights, buses, trains, or anywhere in Malaysia.

There are many places to go to in Johor Bahru and indulge in fun activities in JB. 

What if we told you that planning a holiday across 373.18 km², finding interesting places in JB, staying at a quaint Pontian resort, and enjoying a fine Johor staycation does not have to be a huge task.

Some places to visit and things to do in Johor Bahru:

The Johor Zoo

The Johor Zoo dates back to 1928. First of many zoos built in Southeast Asia. One of the most interesting places in Johor Bahru, it houses over a hundred diverse animal species. The zoo also has a large lake where you can pedal boats, relax at scenic picnic spots, and let your children enjoy the playgrounds.

To reach the Johor Zoo from Singapore, take bus No. 170. The bus will take you to the Larkin Bus Terminal. From there, you will need to pass through Johor Bahru Immigration. Then, you can take a taxi or rent a car to reach the zoo.

The Danga Bay

An interesting visit to Johor is Danga Bay. It stretches along 25km of scenic waterfront facing the Straits of Johor. A large recreational park, a range of attractions, shopping malls and fine-dining restaurants with stunning views make it worth your time. 

Little Paris

Hold your heart—a hidden gem in Johor attractions is Little Paris. A street lined with stunning shophouses, laced with captivating facades that transport you to Paris. Stroll and enjoy shopping at high-end fashion shops, charming boutiques, coffee houses, and bakeries.

The nights glow, pretty lights illuminate the streets, and you can enjoy a walk in Paris while in Malaysia.

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5 Things to do at the Eco Sinar Johor Bahru resort: 

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Horse Riding

An unforgettable equestrian adventure awaits, led by our professional certified equestrian coaches. Enjoy relaxing rides on scenic trails and bond with your gentle and majestic companion. Join us for an experience and witness the freedom and bliss of horseback riding at our resort. (Book with us link)

Our Little Farm

Get up close and personal with our friendly farm inhabitants. Surround yourself with cuddly rabbits to gentle goats. Create a bond and memories for a lifetime with these adorable creatures. (Book with us link)

ATV Adventure

Adventure! Adrenaline-pumping adventure with our ATV experiences. Thrilling internal tracks and scenic outdoor trail options. Challenge your skills with exhilarating rides alone, or make it an exciting family activity.

Eco Rafting

An eco-friendly rafting experience for nature lovers. Yes, an activity that combines adventure with environmental consciousness. Whether you want to relax or get your heart pumping, try this eco-friendly way to enjoy nature’s beauty.

Culinary Options Unlimited

Good food. The sound and the aroma strike the senses. An integral part of a perfect holiday is irresistible meals. Our proficient team of chefs prepare authentic meals with traditional Malaysian recipes using fresh and seasonal ingredients from local producers to serve you the best at all times.

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Whether you plan to travel from Singapore for a day or more to Johor Bahru, we promise there is plenty more to do at our resort, and you will enjoy the best staycation in Johor Bahru.

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