Fantastic Beasts And Where To Play With Them

by Sinar Eco Resort

Mar 19, 2024

The city, home to many of us unfortunately, doesn’t provide much greenery or opportunity to interact with too many animals. Even though zoos exists, the animals there are always behind cages and glasses, making it almost no different from seeing animals from behind a screen.

Here at Sinar Eco Resort, we find that one of the best ways to learn about nature and animals is through interacting with the animals directly. Guests are encouraged to play and feed our animals and as a result of this, our animals are more acclimated to meeting new people and friendly.

Sinar Eco Resort has slowly but surely increased the amount and types of animals at our resort. As of now, we are proud to announce that over a 100 animals call our place home.

“Animals are such agreeable friends; they ask no questions, pass no criticism” – George Elliot

At Sinar Eco Resort, we believe animals help to provide comfort to our guest and are delighted when they become friends!

Come down to Sinar Eco Resort to make new friends today!