Horse Riding

by Sinar Eco Resort

Mar 19, 2024

Fun Fact: Did you know, most horses can gallop at 40 – 48km/h, with the fastest racehorse able to reach up to 70km/h!

While our horse riding activity typically involves a leisurely ride around the pens, they are indeed capable of galloping a lot faster in the hands of a skilled rider.

Bringing your horse into a canter and subsequently a gallop requires a lot more training than movies and films let on. One wrong move or losing your balance could end in injury.

We do offer horse riding classes for those more interested in thrills rather than chills for horse riding. Our basic classes are scheduled as six 45 minute sessions and can be attendees can sign up as single or up to groups of three pax. The lessons are lead by our instructor with more than 14 years of international riding style experience and covers everything from horse riding to taking care of a horse.

Don’t have anything planned during the school holidays? With a minimum age of 5 years old, our horse riding class promises be far more interesting and interactive than any class you’ve had before!

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